Gun dealers would get big business if law on universal background checks is passed

YUMA, Ariz.-

President Obama wants to set a federal law that will require those buying firearms online or at a gun show to have to go through a gun dealer for a background check before completing the purchase. The President addressed the nation Tuesday about the violence of guns in the United States and announced executive action in creating universal background checks in attempt to get rid of the loop-hole of buying firearms without going through a background check. As of now there is no federal law that states gun shows have to conduct background checks on people buying guns.

“They only thing this would do is restrict private sellers from making a deal without having to go through a dealer and pay dealer to log it through,” said Michael Brick the owner of Yuma Coin & Gun. Brick says this law, if passed, would increase business for gun shops around the country. “Now this for us would be a big boom in business because everyone would have to go to a dealer for the purchase to go through.”

Gun sales are still the highest they have been in years. Brick says whenever the President or politicians talk of gun laws it increases sales, but the main factor is people living in fear and want to buy firearms for protection.


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