Happy Birthday to the U.S. Military

YUMA, Ariz.-

226 years ago, Congress legalized the U.S. Army. The act happened in 1789, during George Washington’s first term as president.

Washington played a critical role in making sure U.S. Troops were established during the countries infancy. Just a few weeks before Congress acted, Washington warned lawmakers that it had to act on raising and regulating a military per the constitution.

Looking into Yuma’s military history, Chuck Wullenjohn with Yuma Proving Ground says the U.S. Army came to Yuma in the mid 1800s.

Yuma grew partly because of the army was here helping it grow,” said Wullenjohn.

It was during World War II when the Army came to Yuma to create three military bases. Now, the Army has one of the largest bases in the United States.

At the Yuma Proving Ground, they test out the latest weapons and ammunition for the U.S. Army and Marines. Wullenjohn also says they allow other countries to come to Yuma to test out their equipment, “A number of other countries bring their equipment to Yuma Proving Ground to test. Germany, Italy, France, Saudi Arabia. We’ve had customers from all over the world.”

Wullenjohn would also like to remind people that with the testing at YPG and over 2,000 local employees the base is creating good economic growth for Yuma.

“We do 60 to 90 test projects every week and it varies but it goes on throughout the year. And I think that’s what people in Yuma need to know is the economic impact is never stops at the Yuma Proving Ground”

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