Healthline11: Snake bite prevention

A recent Gallup poll reveals snakes top the fear list… with more than 50% saying they would rather speak in public than encounter a snake.

As the weather heats up, more of us are heading back into the great outdoors. However, there are some hidden dangers that you should be on the lookout for.

84% of snake bite cases occur between April and September, with peak incidence in July. It’s important to prepare in advance. As the weather gets warmer snakes become more active, making bites more prevalent.

Experts say it’s crucial to be educated and prepared for whatever pitfalls Mother Nature throws our way.

Each year, nearly 9,000 patients are treated for snake bites in emergency departments in the U.S., with 3,000-5,000 being for venomous snake bites.

In the United States, 98% of venomous snake bites are from the North American pit viper snakes — those include rattlesnakes and copperheads.

Dressing properly for outdoor activities is something that can prevent a great outdoor experience from turning unpleasant or even deadly.

When it comes to plants and vegetation, you never know what kinds of critters and dangers are hiding within – even in the comfort of your own garden.

Experts recommend watching what you grab and to make sure you are checking around brush, which are common areas for venomous snakes.

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