Help local abuse victims, win trip to Disneyland

Help local abuse victims, win trip to Disneyland

YUMA, Ariz- The Healing Journey of Yuma’s Purple Purse Campaign is an annual event to help raise awareness and money for victims of abuse. This years big giveaway is a pair of tickets to Disneyland.

Director Estrella Fitch with The Healing Journey says, “I’d like to see more of our Disneyland tickets sold. I mean it’s such a reasonable price. For $5, which is hardly anything. Or, you can even get six tickets for $25 so that means you have an extra ticket and a chance to have a trip to Disneyland.”

Wells Fargo is also giving away $200 during the Purple Purse Campaign.

Fitch adds, “We’ve raised $500 for The Healing Journey, but we’re still falling a little bit short.”

The Purple Purse Campaign will come to an end next week with the All-State Foundation. Fitch says they’re far from reaching their goal.
Fitch adds, “And we’re not close yet to our $4,000 we were kind’ve hoping we would raise. So we’re really asking the community to come forward. I know donating is hard. Everyone wants a little piece but it does make a world of difference.”
Fitch says, “We’re excited that we’ve gotten this far this year. Last year we were way off and we didn’t even get close. But I’m excited to see that Yuma is actually a wonderful place. They come, they sponsor non-profits.”

The raffle will take place on October 26th. And you can purchase tickets at Wild River or you can call The Healing Journey directly at 928.920.6220.



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