Homeowner says he lost “million dollars” worth of fire damage

YUMA, Ariz. – A fire that burned near Fourth Avenue and 26th Street has now left a family without a home.

Doyle Mccurley, who’s family was affected by fire said, “It’s a very humbling experience I hope no one else ever has to go through it.”

Mccurly says this was his parents house where his three nieces and a couple of dogs lived. He says by the time fire crews came to the scene they weren’t able to save the home in time.

The fire destroyed two residential structures, and several additional storage sheds in close proximity to each other.

The fire spread between these structures, along with the house being damaged.

McCurly says when he heard there was a fire he rushed to the scene because he knew his father had been in the home.

With the help of his nephew they were able to evacuate safely but the damages still remain.

McCurley it’s unfortunate how much was lost in the blaze and said, “Oh gosh, the reality of it is I would say, with everything I would say probably close to a million dollars.”

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