How is YPD prepared to handle a terrorist attack

YUMA, Ariz.- The recent shooting in Colorado Springs where a man killed three people and wounded nine others at a Planned Parenthood clinic.  Has many American’s questioning, when is the violence going to stop? And is Law Enforcement prepared to handle an attack.  We asked, Yuma Police Department how they are ready to handle an attack of terrorism if it were here to happen in the Desert Southwest.

According to  which define a Mass shooting on their website as, ” A mass shooting is when four or more people are shot in an event, or related series of events, likely without a cooling off period.”  The websites overall purpose is to track all Mass shootings that occur through-out the United States. They say more than 350 mass shooting have occurred in the Untied States just in this year alone.

Yuma Police Department Captain Steven Suho says that all Law enforcement can communicate with each other on one radio frequency allowing multiple agencies to communicate at once.

“I think our system is ahead of the state as far as I know it does allow us to communicate more effectively,” said Suho.



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