How to keep your kids safe around water

YUMA, Ariz. – Every year in Arizona we lose about a classroom full of children to drownings.

Mike Erfert with the Yuma Fire Department said, “The river is not a babysitter. If you’re down here with the kids make sure that you’re with the kids. The natural water weighs can have things like drop offs and holes and snags that you don’t see until it’s too late.”

The A-B-Cs of child drowning prevention are:

A. Adult supervisor

B. Barrier fencing to provide that extra layer of safety

C. Classes.

Classes that will teach children how to swim and classes that will teach guardians how to do CPR. Be sure of the area that you’re in, stay with your kids at all times and don’t depend on blow up devices to save your child’s lives in case of an emergency.

Efert said, “Having the type of – literally a life preserver – or what we call a PFD (personal flotation device) that’s coast guard approved. That’s something that’s completely different than the blow up pool toys that we often see people using for life saving devices.”

Authorities say the number one thing people can do to make sure a drowning doesn’t happen is to have adult supervision.

“Somebody designated that they aren’t going to do anything else but pay attention to those children when they’re around water. Whether it’s here at the river, whether it’s at a backyard pool, or even if it’s one of those blow up pools,” said Erfert.

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