Receive a $500 vet credit with a special cat adoption from HSOY

YUMA, Ariz. – With three different animal hoarding cases since March, the Humane Society of Yuma needs your help in finding loving homes for the cats involved in these cases. The shelter is overwhelmed with the amount of cats brought in, but with your adoption all of that can change.

“They are gaining weight. They are getting better,” shares Lana Shapiro, Director of Development at the Humane Society. “Last year we had a few isolated incidents where it was obvious animal cruelty, but this year it’s three hoarding cases back to back, and it’s put a lot of stress onto the shelter.”

A veterinarian in Yuma is offering to help with a $500 medical credit for when you adopt one of the cats involved in the hoarding cases—helping you keep your new cat healthy. HSOY has also employed all of their own resources to ensure that you and your family can take home the most adoptable pet possible.

“We’ve used all of our resources to figure out which ones are the most sociable and the ones that are in the best of health to try to move them along and get them adopted out,” explains Shapiro. “So when you’re adopting from us, not only are you getting the ones from the hoarding cases, but the ones that are the most sociable, and the most adoptable—what we’ve deemed them.”

If you are unable to adopt one of these cats, that doesn’t mean that you cannot help. You can help by donating your money or your time.

“A lot of the medical resources that we’re using cost us a lot of money and a lot of man hours and labor hours as well,” says Shapiro. “Come in and volunteer. Open up your homes to help us make some space.”

Adopting from the Humane Society of Yuma not only allows you to take home a new furry friend, but it allows you to save money as well.

“For what you would have to pay at an ordinary veterinary office or private practice, you’re gonna pay a lot more and all of that’s included in the adoption fees,” explains Shapiro.

The adoption fee for cats is free, but keep in mind that the $500 vet credit only goes toward one of the cats involved in the hoarding cases. Meet these cats in person at HSOY on Saturday, August 27.

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