Hundreds attend the Yuma Career Festival

Hundreds attend the Yuma Career Festival

YUMA, Ariz. – More than 200 people lined up at the Yuma Career Center hoping to get a job as the Yuma Job Festival kicked off offering dozens of job opportunities.

There were 35 businesses with job openings. Other than just showing up we asked an organizer some tips on getting hired.

“So be prepared, dress for success. The job seekers they need to dress for success when they come in. Be prepared to be interviewed,” Employer Experience Partner Rebecca Drabent said.

Advice one fellow job seeker did not take lightly, wearing a nice suit and tie.

“I’ve been a hiring manager before. It really makes a difference. First impressions really made a difference especially if you want to do something where you want to be out in the community and present and become the face or a brand of a company. The way you present yourself is a big deal,” Yuma resident Deric Millis said.

Other than dress, Drabent says your resume needs to be tailored to what you’re applying for.

“General resumes are good, but a skilled resume, to show specific skills for specific jobs that you are going out for. Those work really good,” Drabent said.

One woman we spoke to says she has been out of work for a year now and hopes she can get a job soon.

“Today I’m hoping to get a job in the office setting. Something where I can stay forever. Once I get a job I’m holding onto it forever,” Yuma resident Julia Childs said.

The Career Center in Yuma works through out the year to help job seekers like Childs get a job. By offering resume assistance, mock interviews and on-site career advice.

The next Yuma Job Festival takes place May 4th, 2016.

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