Husky recovers in shelter from severe abuse

SAN LUIS, Ariz. – A Huskey now recovers from severe injuries sustained while in the care of a San Luis resident.

On Dec. 1, 2015 the City of San Luis Animal Control, with help from the San Luis Police Department, removed a two year old, female dog from her owner.  Humane Society of Yuma personnel say the injuries to this animal included a mass in her mouth the size of an orange. When the City of San Luis spoke with the owner, the person stated that “Loba” had her mouth stuck in a chain link fence several months prior. Upon removal of the animal from the property, it was determined that “Loba” was clearly in a large amount of pain as she could not completely close her mouth and the mass was oozing and bloody. “Loba” was sent to a specialist where they removed more than half of her mandible, or lower jaw.

Upon further investigation, it appears that “Loba” has cancer and it was never treated or tended to in a humane manner. Additionally, “Loba” was pregnant. The owner stated that once “Loba” had her puppies he had intended to euthanize her. The City of San Luis has charged “Loba’s” owner with two felonies and two misdemeanors for animal cruelty.

“Unfortunately, ‘Loba’ is one more case in our war against animal cruelty in Yuma County. ‘Loba’ went through unnecessary pain and suffering.  Had the owner sought medical care for ‘Loba’ at the first sign of her having issues, ‘Loba’ would have endured a lot less pain and suffering,” says Annette Lagunas, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Yuma. Lagunas continues, “‘Loba’ is in the loving care of a volunteer with the Humane Society of Yuma.  Though we don’t know what the future holds for ‘Loba’ because of the cancer she has been diagnosed with, we do know that the rest of her time here will be filled with nothing but love.”

San Luis Animal Control, with help from the San Luis Police Department, brought “Loba” to the Humane Society of Yuma after she was seized from the owner’s property.  “We are so grateful that the Animal Control Officers and the Police Department in San Luis were very active in getting ‘Loba’ away from her owners and into our care.  We are honored to help the San Luis Police Department see that ‘Loba’ gets the absolute best care she can until the end of her stay with us.  In addition to ensuring she is well cared for, HSOY staff and volunteers will be in each of ‘Loba’s’ court cases hoping to be seen as a voice for her,” said  Lagunas.

Animals such as “Loba” enter HSOY often. To help other animals just like “Loba” you can donate to HSOY’s cruelty fund at

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