I-10 closures bring more visitors to Yuma

Traffic has been rerouted between Phoenix and Los Angeles due to a collapsed freeway bridge on I-10. and with it, comes thousands more visitors through Yuma.

Karen Peck, Shell station cashier said, “I have noticed my shift has picked up some the last few weeks. It has been a big increase.”

Increased travelers bring in more revenue for gas stations and restaurants around town.

Yuma’s Visitors Bureau Media Relations Specialist Ann Walker said,

The Historic Coronado Motor Hotel has special signs aimed at the steady stream of drivers passing through the city.

Yvonne Peach said, “We have gained a couple rooms a night and we have reservations, a few extra that we don’t normally have.”

Some viewers are using the detour as a welcomed break in their trip.

Walker said, “We’ve had folks walking into the visitors bureau to find out what there is to do in Yuma. They’ve come far out of their way, might as well take a little break.”

Walker said they’re enticing people to exit the freeway and come visit Yuma, by using social media.

“I think half the battle is getting people off the freeway to discover what is in Yuma besides gas stations and McDonald’s,” Walker said.

The 1-10 is set to reopen on Friday. Walker said, “We will still see a lot of truck traffic through Yuma.”

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