Imperial County Agencies join forces


EL CENTRO, Calif. – The Department of Child Support Services and Workforce Development Office in Imperial County signed a memorandum on Thursday to serve mutual clients. Both agencies are hoping that this will impact the unemployment rate in a positive way.

The unemployment rate is 23.7 percent across Imperial County and approximately 5.7 percent in the state of California.

Director Gustavo Roman says decreasing the unemployment rate is not their only focus.

“Our goal is to try to engage parents who are currently not fully providing or have never provided support for their children, to now give them the skills necessary,” says Roman.

Both directors say this is the first time the agencies are working together in signing the memorandum, not only to decrease the unemployment rate, but to serve the community as well.

Miguel Figueroa, Director of the Workforce Development Offices explains, “If we have more employment opportunities and placements, we will have a better chance of affecting in a very positive way our unemployment rate.”

“We make the link between the client that has the need and the employer in the county that is also looking to hire someone,” added Figueroa.

The workforce development office will also pay 50 percent of the wages for the new hire for the first 12 weeks as an incentive to the employer. Funding for the program is received by the department of labor which is distributed on a yearly basis.

Roman explains that they are in the early stages but they are on the right track, “Any decrease is a victory, but also from the perspective of the department of child support and services, anytime that you have one parent who is contributing to the support of a child. That’s also a victory.”

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