Imperial Valley to Camp Hope

EL CENTRO, Calif.- Imperial Valley child victims of domestic violence are given something to smile about this summer. The County Board of Supervisors approved social services to fund a week long summer camp in California.

“This camp really does enhance a child’s ability to overcome the trauma that they have experienced as a child” said Peggy Price, Director of Imperial County Social Services.

Camp Hope welcomes Imperial Valley kids for the third year in overcoming hardships through mentoring and fun activities.  Children get the chance to interact with other children who have experienced the same troubles.  Volunteers and camp members focus on providing the participants with a positive environment.

“They really get to enjoy the trip, it’s an experience from the time they leave the county” said Price.

This innovative healing experience costs up to three-hundred dollars per child. Imperial County law enforcement is the largest local donator to help send the group of kids to camp. The participants are picked through a referral process from social workers as well as several community based organizations. Price says they have been able to send a total of 28 children in the past 3 years.

“With our board of supervisors support and recommendation they’re suggesting, or requesting that we send more next year.”

Camp Hope California is the first statewide camping and mentoring action in the United States, that focuses on children that have been exposed to domestic violence or have been victims of any type of abuse. The purpose of this camp is to help give these children hope,  by mentoring and having fun.

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