Injured Dachshund brought to full recovery by HSOY staff

Injured Dachshund brought to full recovery by HSOY staff

YUMA, Ariz. – The Humane Society of Yuma said staff there were able to bring a badly injured Dachshund to full recovery. HSOY said the City of Yuma’s Animal control found a small black and tan Dachshund female at 4 ½ E and 38th Street May 8.

The dog came in badly injured, with evidence of an attack by a coyote or another dog, as well as a rattle snake bite. HSOY also said the dog was dehydrated and malnourished. While in the care of HSOY, the staff discovered her name is Cookie and was originally adopted out from HSOY in 2011.  Cookie’s condition was so severe that it was often a topic of conversation as to continue her recovery or to end her suffering.

Fortunately, Cookie proved her strength and resilience to the staff of HSOY and has cheated death multiple times. It has been over a month of HSOY staff monitoring and treating her injuries to painstakingly get Cookie back to an adoptable status. With the care and resources of HSOY, she is fully recovered and is now on the adoption floor at the shelter. “Cookie is just one of the amazing stories of animal resilience that we consistently witness here at the Humane Society. It is impossible to share the progress and story of every single animal, but we [at HSOY] always remember that every single animal has a story and personalities to match,” says, Annette Lagunas, Executive Director. “My staff and volunteers do not come here day after day for the money; they come for stories like these, where they fight for the lives of these otherwise helpless animals.”

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