Job seekers have a resource in Yuma

YUMA, Ariz.-  According to the  Bureau of Labor Statistics Yuma and El Centro have an unemployment rate of over twenty percent. When it comes to unemployment rates Yuma and El Centro rank as the highest in the nation.  Something that is serious in the community, but there are resources out there for job seekers.

The Goodwill career center offers a place for all types of job seekers to look for work. Jobs are posted at the center weekly from agriculture  to clerical positions. There are also aids to help assist anyone that is seeking work with resume building and interview presentation.

There were some resume tips provided by Senior Career advisor Rebecca Drabent. Including that resumes have changed their formats and no longer use objectives. Instead employers are now looking for a profile that shows your skills. She also adds to stay within a career field that you have experience and comfort in and build on that experience.

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