Update: Man who fatally shot father accepts plea deal; vacates trial

Update: Man who fatally shot father accepts plea deal; vacates trial

YUMA, AZ – The Yuma man who shot and killed his father will now be taking a plea deal instead of going to trial.

Simon Martinez was scheduled to be in court today. But, according to court documents,  he’s accepted a plea deal amending his count to manslaughter.

That will send Martinez to prison for 7 years after he pleads guilty.

However, if he were to head to trial, he could have faced 21 years in prison. Restitution will be capped at one million dollars.

Martinez will be be back in court for his sentencing on may 17th.

He was arrested last May in the 600 block of South May Avenue in Yuma after an early-morning shooting which killed his father 47-year old Hector Martinez..

Simon’s mother has said he shot his father during an argument Hector was having with his daughter, Simon’s sister.

(Updated 4/21/2016)


YUMA, AZ- The man who fatally shot his father appeared in court for a pre-trial conference.

Simon Daniel Martinez is facing 2nd degree murder. The state prosecutor gave Martinez a final opportunity to take the plea deal in court today before revoking the offer. The plea deal would give Martinez a 10-year flat time prison sentence.

Martinez rejected the plea deal and will go to trial beginning April 20, 2015. He could be sentenced to a maximum of 25 years in prison.

(Updated 43/29/2016)


May 27, 2015- A family argument turned deadly after a son allegedly shot his father during a heated fight with his sister.

Wednesday afternoon the suspect 20-year-old Simon Martinez stood before a judge to hear his formal charges.

Martinez’s mother told deputies her son had shot her husband early Saturday morning.

Public Information Officer for Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, Alfonso Zavala said, “During the investigation it was learned that the female and the father had been in an argument and the son had shot the father.”

The victim, 47-year-old Hector Martinez, of Yuma, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Simon Martinez was arrested and booked into the Yuma County Detention Center for domestic violence 2nd degree murder. But Wednesday the judge decided to change the count to 1st degree murder.

The judge also decided to raise his bond to $1 million.


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