Lane closures for drivers on SR 86 in Imperial

IMPERIAL, Calif. – Drivers in Imperial will be soon dealing with major road work in the city. Construction preparations are already underway and lane closures have begun. Caltrans will work on drainage issues and repave four miles of State Route 86 in the city of Imperial.

The project was approved back in May, but because of high heat conditions, it had to be delayed. “This is a busy area. Especially that it is the entrance to the airport, so we want to make sure there is no activities that is going to impact traffic during that time,” said Sam Amen, Imperial County project manager for Caltrans.

Part of the $1.5 million project will focus on fixing drainage near the airport entrance that tends to flood when it rains. Construction will begin at 15th Street and continue till Treshill Road bordering the city of El Centro.

Drivers can expect various lane closures and routed detours for the time being. “In the meantime, the other challenge is some areas we cannot work at night time because of the noise, so we need to work closely with the city and their police department to make sure we have a safe environment for our workers and least impact to public during construction.” explained Amen.

Imperial city staff will be meeting with Caltrans later this week to discuss logistics and how to assist the public during the construction period. Caltrans says not to expect any major work for the next couple of weeks. They first have to take measurements and do some preliminary work before they can begin. They expect the project to be complete sometime late November.

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