Law enforcement agencies teach kids about health and safety

SAN LUIS, Ariz. – Wednesday afternoon the San Luis Police Department held their 7th annual Health and Safety Event at Joe Orduno Park. This year there were 10 different law enforcement agencies that took park including: The Yuma Police Department, California Highway Patrol, Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, Arizona Western College and Border Patrol among others.

Police had several tips for kids in the community as AWC officer Greg Fell explains, “We just want to educate the public on your general safety both at home and out in the community”. The goal of the event goes beyond safety advice, “The objective is to help them with any home problems anything to improve their quality of life” says SLPD officer and event coordinator Luis Marquez. The event also gets a large attendance each year as Marquez explains, “Its been 7 years that we have this we get hundreds of kids every year”.

Speaking to many kids in the area it seems many are very supportive of law enforcement.

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