Local Arizona representative comments post Democratic debate

YUMA, Ariz. – The first 2016 Democratic Presidential debate wrapped up Tuesday night. Five candidates vied for voters’ attention in the CNN broadcast. Top two contenders former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders went head-to-head on topics of social security and education. While former Senator Jimm Webb, and former governors Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee finally got a chance to step into the spotlight and showcase who they are and what issues they take most to heart.

Arizona House Representative of District 4, Charlene Fernandez (D) watched the debate from Phoenix. She says Clinton particularly stands out as a frontrunner for the race for Commander in Chief and plans to endorse her campaign. “Her [Clinton’s] experience speaks volumes again when she spoke about foreign policy you just can’t get more experience than her being Secretary of State,” said Fernandez.

But Fernandez says she was equally impressed with Sanders’s comments she finds thought-provoking.

“I’m very happy he [Sanders] is in this race because he makes us all think and he makes us all wonder why, why shouldn’t it be that way? It could be too far to the left for some people but there’s nothing wrong with thinking about it,” said Fernandez.

The House Representative says the remaining three candidates were also able to establish a connection with the audience.

Questions on immigration and in-state tuition for dreamers came up in the discussion, a topic heavily, and constantly,  revisited in Arizona.  Fernandez supported the idea saying, “We’re going to reap the rewards from that especially people my age because when we retire these are the people that are going to contribute to social security.”

All around  Fernandez feels the Democratic debate was far more a success than that of the Republican in the manner questions were addressed and the comradery demonstrated between contenders.


“You could almost see that they admired each other  and I hope that I’m not wrong in that just the way they talked about each other the way they acted very respectful it made me proud to be a democrat and I think the American People won,” said Fernandez.
Fernandez elaborated American viewers “won”  by listening in on a debate that addressed hard-hitting questions that matter unlike the Republicans who took jabs at one another in their debates.


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