Local AWC officer saves a little boy from drowning

On Memorial Day, a local police officer was enjoying his day off with his family at Gateway Park near the Ocean to Ocean Bridge.

By him being there that day, a little boy’s life was saved.  Jose Encinas said, “I wasn’t going to quit, I was going to get that kid out of the water.”

Encinas said, “A male subject pointed out to me a child in distress I turn around and see a little boy struggling to stay above water.”

Encinas says this is the first time he has rescued someone from drowning.

“He submerged my head under the water, it happened two or three times before I was able to free myself. I grabbed him from behind with the assistance of my niece and nephew, we were able to get him to safety.”

Encinas’ one piece of advice is to never leave your children unattended when in the water.

Encinas was commended by AWC’s Chief of Police saying, “Your efforts on that day, not only speak highly of you as a person, but exemplify those traits as a professional law enforcement officer. Congratulations on your outstanding efforts and success.”

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