Students selected for Bret Cooper Junior All-American Team

YUMA, Ariz. – All-across the nation sixty middle school students have been selected for the Bret Cooper Jr. All-American Team. Being a part of the bowl game is not an easy one as the players have many high requirements to even be looked at. Not only do players need to hit the field hard they also need to hit the books. One of the main requirements is that players need to be on honor-roll.

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SW Elite Athletic Training 2015 Bret Cooper Selectee’s

Trey Martin  QB/LB Junior High – Castle Dome GPA: 3.8

CJ Wiggins Junior High – Castle Dome QB GPA 3.8

Tanner Gainer WR/DB Junior High – Centennial GPA 3.0

Alex Mosqueda FS/WR Junior High – 4th Ave. GPA: 3.5

Zeke Rios WR/DB Junior High – Crane GPA: 3.5

Pono Renaud Junior High – Castle Dome GPA: 3.9


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