Local law firm gives Carver Elementary free Halloween costumes

Local law firm gives Carver Elementary free Halloween costumes

YUMA, Ariz- Kids at Carver Elementary received a special surprise with free Halloween costumes. This marks Bellovin and Karnas Law Firm’s 5th year of purchasing costumes for children right before Halloween.

Managing Partner with Bellovin and Karnas, David Karnas said, “We’re giving away Halloween costumes. We have a program at the firm where we give back to the community to kids it’s called the Karnas costumes program. And we’re giving out about 80 costumes today to students who need them.”
Case Manager at Bellovin and Karnas, Naiomy Delarocha said, “I know a lot of kids always don’t get costumes. Some kids even tell me that this is their first costume that they’ve gotten and they’re really really happy and excited.”

Karnas says he loves giving back to the community and enjoys making kids smile.

Karnas adds, “Makes me feel great. You know being a kid many years ago and I’m still a kid now and I still love Halloween it’s my favorite holiday. I just remember when I was growing up similar things were done for me so I never forget that.”

Delarocha was once a Carver student and says she’s glad she can come back and give back to her old stomping grounds.

Delarocha said, “This is defintely one of the things I wanted to do especially since I graduated and got everything done. So I’m glad that I can give back to my school and my community.”


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