Local leaders attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia

YUMA, Ariz. – The Democratic National Convention (DNC) kicked off in Philadelphia on Monday.

Arizona House of Representative Charlene Fernandez (D) District 4 shares photos via social media of her trip so far.

We were able to chat with the Vice President of Student Services at Imperial Valley College, Martha Garcia, who was elected to attend the DNC.

Garcia said, “I was elected to represent the 51st Congressional District. And from that district there were five delegates that were elected. Three of us were elected to represent Hillary Clinton. Two males and one female and I am the female representing that district.”

This is Garcia’s first national convention and she says the energy in the room is like none other. However there are still some protesters.

Garcia adds, “There were many protesters and streets were blocked. So there’s definitely protesting going on.”

She said the area is well secured and police have surrounded the building.

“I feel very secure. There’s definitely secret service and PSA agents,” said Garcia.

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