Local leaders in Yuma evaluating business and education

YUMA, Ariz. – Senator Don Shooter for District 13 and Arizona House Representative Steve Montenegro paid a visit to Yuma earlier this week.

Montenegro who’s running for Senate District 13 said, “Tours and meeting people in our district to make sure that we’re meeting the needs of those in our district.”

They spent a couple days talking with small businesses and local leaders on what needs to be done in order to help keep areas safe and education a top priority.

Shooter said, “Yuma needs, like everyone else in America. They need a decent job and a good education for their kids. So we’re down here to see what we can do and help facilitate that.”

Montenegro adds, “Businesses that are thriving and really able to make this economy work. I was able to talk to a few farmers and agriculture this morning so it’s been a great day so far.”

Shooter says they’ve taken trips outside of the city of Yuma to see what they can do to help the rural communities.

Shooter adds, “We’ve met with the window folks over there and we’ve met with Wellton and Tacna so we’re kind of going in the rural parts.”

Job security is on the top of their list.

“So far we’re talking about jobs. People are always interested in making sure we’re bettering our economy here and building an atmosphere that helps people create jobs and the private sector flourish,” said Montenegro.

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