Local leaders take a visit to RNC in Cleveland

YUMA, Ariz. – The Republican National Convention opened today in Cleveland, Ohio.

Many have been talking about republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump but some are still talking about Ted Cruz.

We spoke with Yuma County Supervisor Russ Clark with District 3 about what his experience is like. He also talks about Ted Cruz supporters expressing themselves at the convention.

Clark said, “Ted Cruz followers wanted a rule changed that way they can put his name in nomination on the floor, so it got a little bit or a lot of voices yelling at the same time but it was actually fun. You’re supposed to come here and express yourself.”

Clark says there are still several speakers who are in line to take the stand this evening.

“Rudy Giuliani, is set to speak a long with Melania Trump. Sheriff [David] Clark is getting a lot of headlines talking about the terrorism and shootings. He’ll be there speaking as well” said Clark.

One of the top concerns at the Republican National Convention is security. But Clark says security has been really tight and little to no problems in Cleveland.

Clark adds, “People are very concerned of the Baton Rouge and all that and I got to tell you is that the security around here is very comforting.”

Arizona Senator Don Shooter with District 13 said, “Security around here is incredible. I’m telling you they don’t let any cars within four to five blocks of the convention and I mean none. Except for police cars and even those are you know a few and far between.”

Clark says the police are very visible and present on every bus, every corner and venue. People are even stopping the officers to thank them.

“The embracing of the police officers by all is very encouraging. People are stopping to shake the hands of police officers and to applaud them” said Clark.

Shooter said it’s always important to build relationships and contacts with others who are in the republican party.

“You get to meet people from all over and other states. Also people that are officials in the federal government and that kind of thing which is always helpful. Everybody in the Arizona delegate is pretty united behind Trump” Shooter adds.

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