Local leaders wrap up their trip from DNC

YUMA, Ariz. – The Democratic National Convention has finally came to an end.

State Representative Charlene Fernandez currently serves Legislative District 4. She was able to attend the DNC and tells us the number one thing the democratic voters needed to work on was unity. Saying that Bernie supporters came dressed in yellow and there was still a divide between Bernie and Hillary supporters.

Fernandez said, “You can see that there was just this feud. They’re passionate about their campaign and their candidate and I can totally understand that.”

But they say unity is a must in this campaign if they want a democrat as president.

Dr. Martha Garcia who’s the Vice President of Student Services at Imperial Valley College said, “Definitely we must, or else we’re further enhancing an opportunity for Trump to win the election.”

In the state known as brotherly love, Fernandez says this convention was all about working together.

Fernandez said, “This convention was so much about us working together and that when we work together we do better. And everything was about that everywhere you went. People were very nice the whole city was in red, white and blue. It was just a great experience.

They want to remind voters to vote regardless which candidate you’re for.

Fernandez said, “We want people to remember to vote in November because this is a very pivotal election no matter which way you go. This is about us coming out, voting and making sure that the nominee that we want in the White House is elected.”

Garcia adds, “It’s be the most historic and amazing moment in our history.”

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