Local man turns 104 years old

Keifer Patterson Shipp was born on September 29, 1911. He is celebrating 104 years of life… So how will Keifer celebrate another year in the triple digits?
He says, ” Nothing exciting today, just another day.”
Another day he’ll spend with his wife, Grace Shipp, who he’s been married to for 80 years.
“I guess I met her in 1931, when I was just out of high school I met her at a church party”
Grace Shipp turned 100 years old just last month. She says she considers herself lucky to have Keifer as he still takes care of a lot around the house.
Now for the question everyone is asking, what is his secret to leading such a long and healthy life?
Keifer says, “Oh, I don’t know I just worked all my life.. I just got lucky I guess.”
Keifer came to Arizona from Texas as a young boy in the early 1900’s. He moved into the house him and Grace still live in, 70 years ago.
He worked as a farmer and banker, while his wife Grace opened the first library in Somerton, the Somerton Library.
As far as their marraige goes, Keifer says, “We get along pretty good, we have our ups and downs but other than that it’s fine.”
The Shipps are thankful for their long lives together, even though Keifer says things are a little fuzzy now and then… either way, they remain side by side for another birthday, another year of life together.

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