Local non-profit anti-bullying gym shutdown

Local non-profit anti-bullying gym shutdown

YUMA, Ariz- The Bully-Rehab Awareness Gym also known as “B.R.A.G.” is a non-profit organization that helps kids get back on the right track.

However, as of today the non-profit gym has been shutdown– leaving these kids who train at the gym for free without a facility.

It started many years ago when Carlos Flores was a child and always got bullied as a kid. Growing up as an adult he wanted to make sure that children didn’t go through the same thing as he once did.

So Flores decided to create a Bully-Rehab Awareness Gym which is a non-profit organization where he’s able to help those who have been victimized to bullying and those that are bullies.

Flores said, “I became a professional MMA fighter and my number one goal was when I retired was to open up a facility to when I help children like myself when I was a kid, so they can have somewhere to run to. To find someone that would be able to help them feel better about themselves.”

Flores’ B.R.A.G. organization has been at the facility for two and a half years and says the owner of the building has been very gracious over the years, however can no longer afford being there which leaves the non-profit with nowhere to go.

Flores adds, “He opened up his doors to us when nobody else would but at this time his hands are tied and he can no longer help us. So we need a facility, we need a facility to house our equiptment and to help out children continue training. We actually have a tournement in two weeks and we have no place to train.”

Flores is asking for the communites help with getting the children back into a facility to continue helping local kids live a more postiive lifestyle.

Flores adds, “There’s a lot of kids who just dont have the self-esteem issue to walk around and be proud of who they’re. And this just helps them walk around with pride of who they’re and why they’re here on this earth.”


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