Local organization celebrates decade of helping families fight cancer

EL CENTRO, Calif. –  Thursday the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert (CRCD) celebrated 10 years of helping hundreds of Imperial Valley families fight cancer.

One of those survivors is CRCD president Diana Peacher.

“I personally know to hear the words, you have cancer,” said Peacher, “The purpose was to offer a guiding hand and a compassionate heart to cancer patients who live in our community.”

Their free services help patients evaluate possible options.

“To look at any barriers that they may be facing to their cancer care,” Peacher said.

The services help patients who are financially struggling.

CRCD even provides special survivor wear for cancer patients with burns from radiation or those in need of wigs during chemo.

“Helps to, again, alleviate the suffering of cancer patients in a different way with the garments,” Peacher said.

Helen Palomino, a CRCD licensed social worker, said educating patients is a big part of their mission.

“Helping the patient to understand their diagnosis, helping them to understand the pathology of the report,” Palomino said.

Palomino said cancer, when caught early, can have positive outcomes.

“It’s always important to try to help them understand what it is and what it’s not,” Palomino said.

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