Local research specialist creates skincare product

YUMA. Ariz- A local research specialist turned into an entrepreneur when his wife gave him an idea to create a skincare product. Alex Vermont was going through his wife’s skincare products when he noticed the ingredients inside were harmful to the skin and to the environment.

“I noticed that she was using these products and one day I kind of thought, you know what, what’s in this? I turned it around and looked at the ingredient list, and it was shocking seeing the ingredients used in there,” Vermont said.

That’s when Vermont came up with  “Naturally Beautiful Organics”, a skin moisturizer that’s completely plant-based.

“It’s just meant to help with fine lines, wrinkles, just make the skin glow, moisturize, and feel good, I really care about the end user, and I put a lot of thought into something that didn’t irritate the skin, that worked with your skin, that helped improved your skin. I use organic plant extract, essential oils, and I don’t use any fragrances because it irritates the skin immensely. There’s absolutely no animal testing either,” Vermont says.

As of right now, “Naturally Beautiful Organics” is being produced at a certified G.M.P. lab in Illinois, but Vermont hopes to expand his business here in Yuma County.

“My goal is to manufacture everything here in Yuma. I want to create jobs,  have a farm, grow, produce, and donate to local food banks and people in need. There’s a charitable aspect, so I’m putting the roots down to make it happen,” Vermont said.

If you would like to purchase or learn more about the product CLICK HERE.

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