Local RV park raises money for ‘Homes for Our Troops’

Local RV park raises money for ‘Homes for Our Troops’
YUMA, Ariz. – Country Roads R.V. Village is helping raise money for young veterans who have lost limbs from the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The organization has more than 207 homes that have been built in the U.S. from donations and fundraisers like the one in Yuma.
We asked organizers why they took time to organize the event, “‘Homes for Our Troops’ is a four-star rated charity that builds homes for our soldiers and Marines, who have lost their legs in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Fred Wallenborn, a veteran and resident of the park.
Organizers say homes can cost up to $400,000. The reason for the high price is the customized home interior that allows the veteran to move easier around the home.
Sherl Blackwell says, it’s all about providing comfort to the troops, “‘Homes for Our Troops’ will provide homes for them that actually help them with their disability. When you go into a regular home, the sinks and counters might be too high.”
Wallenborn says the injured need any help they can get, “During those wars, 1,600 men and some women have lost their legs and other severe injuries in the war. They get medically treated and a medical discharge and they are on their own,” said Wallenborn.
Texas Roadhouse and a group of residents in the community made pies from scratch to also help raise money. “We feel like we owe this to our veterans to do this and so one of the things we are having is a pie auction. It’s the time to show the talent of individuals that are making pies from scratch,” said Marlene Rowe.
To find out more information on how to get involved with hfotusa.org

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