Local Starbucks to give all leftover food to Yuma food bank

Yuma, Ariz. – Starting this spring, local Starbucks restaurants will be donating all leftover food to Feeding America food banks, including the Yuma Community Food Bank.GetImage

This comes after the company announced earlier this week they will be launching their new FoodShare Program and partnering with the Feeding America organization.

Under the new program, 100 percent of leftover food will be donated to participating food banks.

Officials from the Yuma Community Food Bank say once the program starts they will be receiving shipments from different Starbucks locations around town every day.

The FoodShare program will serve approximately 40 million meals over the next five years to people nationwide who are suffering from hunger, according to Feeding America.

Starbucks announced they have invested in extensive food safety research to ensure the donated products are fresh.

Currently, one in four people in Yuma is food insecure.

Officials at the Yuma Community Food Bank say they hope this new FoodShare program will help change that statistic.

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