Local veterans react to President Obama’s State of the Union address

YUMA, Ariz. – Local veterans talked about President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, especially when he touched on veteran employment. The president’s proposal offers new efforts to ease the job hunt for veterans.

Veterans at American Legion Post 19 in Yuma gave their reactions to Tuesdays address. Richard Perez, general manager for the American Legion Post #19, said, “He got everybody to stand up and clap and they showed some of the vets in the audience and that was very moving for me.”

President Obama said during his speech,  “If you want to get the job done, hire a veteran.” Perez said, “For years there’s been great movement to get veterans employed, unfortunately we are so small it’s hard to support a family.”

Jonathon Kinlaw, a Marine Corps veteran, said in order to find a job as a veteran you need to use your resources. Kinlaw said, “It all depends on how informed that Marine is.”

There are classes offered to veterans once they leave the military. Kinlaw said, “My wife is going through the classes and hearing how its going I believe they’re making a definite step towards progression.”

Perez is positive with where things are heading for veterans and he hopes local employers will be more willing to hire vets in the future.

Kinlaw said Operation Wounded Warrior has been his best support system.
He also said, “I think the president is doing a great job, I think hes doing exactly what he can with what he has.”
During Obama’s speech, he touched on the veteran’s hospital scandal which resulted in the death of forty patients waiting for care. He plans on ensuring that every veteran has access to the highest quality care.
Perez said, “It’s a very good step forward.”
Vets are receiving healthcare cards, so they can get the care they need right here in Yuma County.

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