Locals respond to Wells Fargo’s fake accounts

YUMA, Ariz.- Wells Fargo fired over 5000 employees for setting up fake accounts and receiving bonuses.

One of the largest banks in the nation, but imagine paying for fees for accounts you don’t know about. I spoke with a few locals on how they feel doing business with the bank.

Jeffery Schidt, has been a Wells Fargo customer for more than 10 years in different states. He felt a little conflicted after hearing the news.

“I’ve been thinking about leaving Wells Fargo, there’s conflict at Wells Fargo and there seems to be a lot of times with the employees I meet. The cashiers I meet who don’t have a happy day, there’s not extending the happiness. I feel offended by this you know?”

For some locals, they feel like they have lost trust in the bank handling their money.

“It does make me lose trust, because that’s a lot of people they took money from, and whose to say I’m not next.” says Marlena Bouzanquet, a five year customer.

Wells Fargo’s illegal practices will cost them up to $185 million in fines, including a $100 million penalty from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

We reached out to local Wells Fargo representatives for their input, but received no response on the situation.

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