Maintenance man allegedly robs woman at gunpoint

Maintenance man allegedly robs woman at gunpoint

CALEXICO, Calif. – Police say a man is behind bars for allegedly robbing a woman at gunpoint in her own home after he went inside to do maintenance work.

Police identified Imperial resident, Ramon Pestano, as the man who allegedly went inside a Calexico home to do maintenance work. In the home were a woman and children. Once inside, Pestano allegedly pulled out a small handgun, covered the woman’s mouth, and demanded money.

The woman gave him her debit card and other valuables.

Police say at that moment Pestano apologized for his actions, returned the items and left the home. Police later surrounded Pestano’s residence in Imperial and after an hour of negotiations, Pestano came out of his home and was arrested.

“She allowed him in and while the maintenance was being done, the subject pulled out a small caliber handgun and covered the victim’s mouth and demanded money. Children were present also in the home,” Calexico Police Detective Armando Orozco said.

Ramon Pestano was booked for robbery and burglary at Imperial County Jail.

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