Making a Difference: 1st Bank Yuma

YUMA, Ariz-

“Like we got the Human Society Fur Ball, Amberly’s Place, Food Bank…When they have their special projects, let’s help them advertise it and help them get their message out,” says Jeff Byrd AVP/Community Relations Officer of 1st Yuma Bank.

Nonprofits organizations in Yuma County work hard to help those in our community that community members are returning the favor.

“1st Bank Yuma is always looking for ways to help out in the community, and since nonprofits spend a lot of their time fundraising and providing the service we wanted to help them get their message out and we have this beautiful electronic message board here,” Mr. Byrd says.

Established on September 4, 2001, 1st Bank Yuma’s motto ‘Your Community, Your Bank’ is really taking shape with this new incentive.

Mr. Byrd says,” We just staring the program so, we’ve only had four nonprofits and we are opening it out to any nonprofit that is a ‘501C3’ and in good standing.”

And with 25 thousand cars passing every day, nonprofit representative says this is a huge help

“1st Bank Yuma has been a partner with the Yuma Community Food Bank for a number of years and they’ve been very supportive and they continue to be a huge support to our community and the food bank. So having the opportunity with their sign just lends another layer of community involvement that 1st Bank Yuma is famous for,” says Shara Merten CEO Yuma Community Food Bank.
Kenrick Escalanti of B.R.A.G Gym says, “We’re very thankful for 1st Bank Yuma. They’re providing an opportunity for exposure to Yuma County to our gym, the Bully Rehab Awareness Gym and stick to our mission which is to empower children that are facing bulling right here in Yuma County”

“It’s a great service that 1st Bank Yuma does for the community, the mere fact that they back nonprofits, whether its donation, funding or even also using their marquee which is a hug help. Any time there’s an event going on with Amberly’s Place like ‘Week in Paradise’ they’re always willing to put a little information on it to help promote the events and all that. It really helps us increase or sales and generate profits that turn around and get utilized to assist victims of abuse. So it’s a hug help to us and were very grateful and very thankful for their assistance and all they do for us,” says Trevor Umphress of Amberly’s Place.

Mr. Byrd concludes, “ 1st Bank Yuma like I said is out there and we want to make our community better, so we thought this is a great avenue to help them get their message out and to make the nonprofits more successful”

So the next time you drive by 1st Bank Yuma on S 4th Ave, know they’re not just a bank, they’re a part of the community.

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