Making a Difference: Blue Sky’s Sheriff’s Teddy Bear Program

YUMA, Ariz.-

Among Blue Sky’s RV’s warm and friendly residents are these folks…the RV’s activity board members, who are gearing up for a special event.

For the last 4 years their sheriff’s teddy bear seasonal program has made a difference in the way Yuma County law enforcement and medical personal help children in emergency situations.

“When you have someone in a big uniform, coming and you’re pint size, it’s scary. And when he hands you a teddy bear, or a stuffed animal, it gives them comfort. Doing this is one of the more important things that we can do to help the sheriff’s department and the fire departments”, Explains Linda Marr, the Former Blue Sky’s Activities Director.

The current Activities Director Mike Welter agrees, adding,

“This is going to help kid that are in need of a little comfort and that what I look forwards to.”

Throughout the season people donate bears, blankets, and other plush toys, and it’s all held here until their finally hand off.

“They had the bears on table and in bags, and we thought it would look a little better and more organize if we built something to put them in” says Ken Marr and Randy Wickenhiser, the bear cage contractors.

Now that the season is ending, it’s time to present the bears to the Yuma Country Sheriff’s Office.

A four year volunteer with the bears program says,

“Exceeded our limit from last year, last year we collected 192, this year we have 276 bears for you.”

YCSO says they couldn’t be more thankful.

“ On behave of Sherriff Wilmont and the entire Yuma County Sheriff’s Department, at least the folk who work patrol; We thank you for these, because you don’t really realize what these do when you get on a domestic scene, a bad accident or something” said YCSO Sgt. T.L. Owens, as he happily accepts the bears.

“We really appreciate all the work that everyone did to give us these, thank you” says Deputy Shadle.

Linda Marr thanks the Blue Sky community for their hard work and hopes that more bear will come every year.

She concludes,” We’re not such a closed community, this way we open up to helping out on the outside, and other people realizing that, hey, we are not so bad here. We maybe seniors but we are lots of fun and we want to be out there and we want to help.”

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