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YUMA, Ariz. – “ They put their life on hold, to go over there and do what has to be done, and I don’t want them over there feeling like nobody is supporting them personally and so that’s why I do it,” says Tori Butler Founder of ‘Care Packages for our Troops’.

Yuma County is filled with people from all over the country and one young lady from Texas is bringing something to Yuma that is much appreciated by our large military community. Butler, wife to a local marine, mother of two dogs, makes care packages for marine on deployment and tells us how she got started.

“I’m married to a marine, he was deployed earlier in 2015. I started doing it when he told me one of his buddy’s hadn’t gotten anything in the mail, and Jarred had already gotten three packages from me. And it made me sad that his friend hadn’t gotten anything,” she explained.

With some help, she began sending fellow marine letters and snacks, and before you know it the whole town got involved.

She says, “It turned into a big thing, the whole town got involved. The pharmacies, the grocery stores, and everybody donated a little something.”

She even sends care packages to military dogs.

“So, we have the marines and the K-9 unit that we send stuff to. The K-9 unit, they need American made treats. They don’t eat anything not made in America,” she explains.

Her care packages venture was a success in her home town in Texas. However, in Yuma she needs your help to continue making a difference in the lives of Marines who just need a reminder of how much their service to this county is appreciated. Tori says, that’s what matters most.

She concludes, “I started crying, that melted my heart, that’s what I wanted, was for somebody to just know that somebody cares about them. I don’t know them, but he knows that I care, and they all need that.”

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