Making a Difference: Freedom Recovery Ranch

YUMA, Ariz. – “But I can’t forget where I come from and I can’t forget that there’s an epidemic of drug addiction, homelessness, just people who need help. When I see people that need help, I can’t just stand idly by, I have to reach out and do something,” says Founder of Freedom Recovery Ranch (FRR) Jerry Bunte.

Here in the Foothills is a place many would call a saving grace. For years FRR has helped hundreds curb their addiction and become functional members of society says founder and pastor Jerry Bunte.

“The Freedom Recovery Ranch is an outreach ministry. We’ve been doing outreaches for addicts and people that just need help in general.” says Bunte.

But it’s not just a detox or counseling center, it’s a home. Everyday responsibilities such as chores, paying rent and upkeep of the grounds, including, growing food, construction and animal care are all about of the rehabilitation process.

Not only men go for recovery but animals also go in as well. Like everyone at FRR, it’s not only a therapy tool for the men, but the men are a therapy tool for the animals. The responsibilities don’t stop there.

Bunte explains, “Job bank services and we help them get employed and pretty much get most of the men jobs that come through this place.”

Bunte’s team contributes by teaching its members some of life’s most basic necessities.

Rodney Helland, Vice President and mentor adds, “The simplest things most of us take for granted. Like showering, personal hygiene and eating and taking care of ourselves. We have forgotten that through addiction. So we educate them, we teach them how to be a human being again.”

One FRR graduate says the ranch changed his life.

“Well I was an alcoholic, I came from Texas to Yuma. So I came to Living Free, Jerry took me in, and I turned my life over to Christ and that changed me. I’ve been sober now for the last four and a half years,” says FRR graduate Scoot Pliska.

Just one out of hundreds who can honestly say Bunte and his staff are saving lives, through faith and perseverance.

“My name is Jerry, welcome to the Freedom Recovery Ranch and we are MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!!!”

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