Making a Difference: Safe House of Yuma

YUMA, Ariz. – “So it can be financial, it can be physical, it can be sexual; domestic violence is just a very very broad term, but it is basically when someone takes power and control over another person, and then their safety is at risk,” says Jodi Wight, founder of Safe House.

Men, women and women with children fearing domestic violence, assault, and abuse or stalking, now have a place to turn.

“Safe House was founded approximately 32 years ago. Catholic Community Services saw a need in our community and so we integrated and developed the first and only domestic violence shelter here in Yuma County,” Wight explains.

Serving about 500 victims last year, ‘Safe House’ is a 40 bed capacity shelter, ready at any moment when some needs their help.

Wight shows News 11 what a typical room looks like, saying, “This is a singles room. It is one of the rooms that have been set up for us. It is handicapped accessible. This room is actually adopted by some of our city administrators. So they purchased a bed, curtains, painted the room and fixed it up so it has a more of a home like feel.”

But they don’t just provide shelter. Daily necessities such as food, clothing, child care essentials and most importantly empowerment is provided here too.

“So I get the satisfaction and gratification of providing something that you think that is a normal thing in your home like diapers, wipes, a bottle, formula. I get the satisfaction of having those things here so people don’t have to go out begging for it, they don’t have to go to their abuser and ask for those things,” says Jessica Sanchez, Service Coordinator at Safe House.

“We meet them where they are. We have counseling services with master level therapists, we have groups, we have recovery, and we basically have everything that their needs are while they are here,” Wright adds.

This is the exact process Caitlyn is going through, and encourages those in her position to get the help they need before it’s too late.

Caitlyn says, “Don’t wait. The longer you wait the worst things are, the more trauma you’re putting yourself through. If you have kids, your kids are suffering the same trauma you are and you have to get out as soon as you can.”

Ultimately everyone at Safe House, including survives want to break the cycle of violence, and empower those who feel powerless.


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