Man arrested in connection with death of a local woman

After a four month long investigation, the man accused of murdering a local woman faced charges. Man accused of killing a local woman made his first appearance in court Friday afternoon in Yuma.
Joseph Franklin Smith was arrested in Yuma county April 22nd with an out-of-state warrant.
Smith was arrested after a four month long investigation. He faces multiple charges including “count one homicide.” The judge ordered Smith to remain in custody with no bond and no release. Smith chose to waive his extradition rights and would like to return back to California as quickly as possible. The judge put in a request for his transfer. Smith was arrested for the death of 29 year-old Stephanie Fedorka. Investigators say he killed her. Her body was found back in October in the Colorado river near south avenue 6 1/2 E with a single gunshot wound to her chest. Yuma County and Imperial County sheriff’s office are still working on it together.

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