Man fleeing from El Centro police strikes tree; officers rescue him from burning truck

EL CENTRO, Calif. – A man involved in a domestic dispute was flown to a hospital Wednesday after he struck a tree while he tried to get away from police. The El Centro Police Department said they responded to a domestic dispute Wednesday at 2:45 a.m. in the 1700 Block of Euclid Ave.

Officers said 25-year-old Angel Aguilar was seated in the driver’s seat of a Chevrolet pickup. A woman was standing outside of the truck arguing with Aguilar. As officers approached Aguilar, he placed the truck in reverse and backed out of the parking space. Police said he then sped out of the parking lot and nearly struck an officer in his car.

Police said Aguilar headed eastbound on Euclid Ave. and an officer followed. Aguilar then ran a red light at the intersection of Euclid Ave. and Imperial Ave. at about 65-70 miles per hour. This caused him to lose control of the truck. That’s when Aguilar hit a tree, in the front of a home in the 1400 Block of Euclid Ave.

Officers said Aguilar was trapped inside. They requested medical assistance. As officers waited for paramedics to arrive, a fire started underneath the pickup. Officers used fire extinguishers to battle the flames. They were then able to pull Aguilar to safety.

Aguilar was taken to El Centro Regional Medical Center and later flown to another hospital to receive additional treatment. He faces charges of felony spousal abuse, resisting and delaying a police officer, and felony evading arrest.

We have posted a link to the full body camera video shot by the El Centro Police Department.

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