Man killed at Calexico’s Port of Entry

El Centro, Calif. – A man was shot and killed at the Calexico Downtown Port of Entry early Wednesday morning.
According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials the man tried to enter riding a bicycle through the Sentry lane.

USCBP said the unidentified 35-year-old rode up to the sentry lane checkpoint on a bicycle with seemingly no intention to stop. That’s when they say an officer grabbed his left arm and the situation escalated.

“At which point the subject dismounted and brandished what was later determined to be an eight inch knife. The officer drew his weapon while stepping back in an attempt to create a safe distance from the man,” said officer Pete Flores with the USCBP.

USCBP said the officer shot his weapon at the man when approached in an aggressive manner. The man was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. Officials added that this does not change any security procedures at the port of entry.

“Right now normal activities as port operations go. Port operations were at a normal state right now,” Flores said.

The shooting was reported to the Mexican Consulate of Calexico.
The city’s police chief said any further details including the man’s name cannot be disclosed until a full investigation is completed. That could take up to three months, he added.

“The only reason we haven’t released it is because there are certain investigative steps we have to take before we do it,” said Calexico Police Chief Michael Bostic.

USCBP officials said no other weapons and no drugs were found in the man’s belongs. Calexico Mayor Joong Kim said this incident brings an uneasy feeling as the city has a lot to improve in the area of security.

“We have short hands and we have a lot of room for improvement. For sure we have to secure our safety. Our citizens first,” said Kim.

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