Man posing as police officer pulls woman over

YUMA, Ariz. – Yuma County Sheriff’s office received a report from a woman who says she was pulled over by Somerton Ave. and County 14th St. Blue and red lights by the visor led her to believe it was routine traffic stop. But when the driver got out he laughed, went back to his car and left.

YCSO official alfonso zavala said, “We don’t tolerate this at all. It’s illegal, there are strict laws prohibiting citizens having emergency lights on their vehicles. It’s a state statute. So sheriff’s office, we do not tolerate this at all.”

Private investigator Ian Harrison says he’s seen cop impersonators before… And that these days anyone can purchase emergency lights and strap them to an average car.
“Unfortunately U.S. Marshall service, and U.S. Border patrol, and the narcotic task force and the Yuma Police Department detectives… they use regular old cars, like the one I drive like the pick up truck you drive…There’s no way to tell if they’re a real police car or not,” said Harrison.

The impostor’s vehicle is described as a late 1980’s light brown honda. No licence plate number was recorded. The victim witnessed two other people in the car with the driver at the time of the stop.

If you’re unsure the car approaching is a law enforcement vehicle, call 9-1-1 dispatch to confirm. Any information regarding the illegal stops should be reported to YCSO or 78-CRIME to remain anonymous.

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