Man speaks out after being accused of suspicious incident at local middle school

Man speaks out after being accused of suspicious incident at local middle school

YUMA, Ariz. – A couple approached several girls at Castle Dome Middle School after they were throwing stuff at traffic.

The couple say they were driving back home from the store and that’s when they saw six girls looking like they were about to throw something. As soon as they passed by the girls, the students threw something at their car. The driver, Jose Cervantes says he simply told the young ladies to not throw anything.

Cervantes said he also asked them where they lived because he wanted to see which area they were coming from.

Cervantes adds, “I asked them where they lived. I just wanted to know if they were close to home you know from another school district or just to get a general idea of where they lived.”

We spoke to Yuma Police Department (YPD) officers who mentioned they just finished interviewing the students and they admitted to throwing something at the car.

Public Information Officer, Joe Franklin with YPD said, “We just recently finished interviewing the students at the school and it was confirmed that they possibly did throw something in the roadway, not really at a car I don’t think. But they did throw something on the roadway causing the vehicle to swerve.”

Cervantes says the incident was blown out of proportion after a photo was posted of the couple confronting the girls.

Cervantes adds, “I really do. Like I said, whoever took the picture should’ve really stopped, you know? Could’ve really helped the situation, you know? Instead of posting something that they didn’t know about.”

YPD says the young girls did the right thing by calling the cops, however, YPD also believes that parents too should call the cops if they see children causing trouble on the streets.

Cervantes adds, “Just to be careful with their kids. They should teach their kids not to be throwing stuff at vehicles or act like they’re throwing stuff at vehicles.”

YPD says this is an active investigation and they will know at a later time whether or not further action will be taken upon the group of girls.

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