Man tasered to prevent self harm

YUMA, Ariz. -Yuma police officers had to tase a suspect with a knife, Thursday night.

The Yuma Police Department received a tip of a man acting strangely near Fourth Avenue and 20th Street. When police arrived, the man was gesturing with a knife indicating he wanted to hurt himself.

News 11 spoke to police officials about how they step in when a suspect may be in danger of harming himself or others.

Sgt. Lori Franklin says they don’t like to use force but when they do, the purpose is stop people from harming themselves any further.

Franklin said, “If they have a deadly weapon in their hand and they’re threatening to hurt themselves, a taser is less lethal force. It’s used to subdue, so we can get the weapon out of their hands so they can stop them from hurting themselves or somebody else.”

Police officials tell us the suspect suffered self-inflicted wounds and is recovering at Yuma Regional Medical Center.

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