Marine Corps Air Station Yuma is in mourning after the loss of a family member

A day after the runway tragedy, Marine Corps Air Station Yuma is in mourning after the loss of a family member.

Captain Jose Negrete said, “It’s times like this that we really come together as a family to take care of one another to take care of the families.”

As Marines, they prepare for everything, nothing could have prepared them for this.

Negrete said, “You acquire an inherent risk however when tragedies like this happen, no ones really ready for it, but what we can do is take care of the families.”

If something like this does occur on the flightline, there is a protocol they follow.

Negrete said, “The flightline the towers are the first ones to see it, they are the ones controlling the aircraft coming in and out of the flightline.”

The tower then contacts the base operations center where they follow a step-by-step check list.

Negrete said, “Include the aircraft status of the pilot, his call sign.”

Then they begin notifying all involved parties.

Negrete said, “EMT, emergency personnel services, flight surgeon search and rescue and it’ll go straight down that list. We do it this way so our young Marines do it the same way every time, so that nothing disturbs the process.”

The investigation is still ongoing.
Negrete said, “In the end safety is our top priority, we are working together to make sure we have the safest operations possible.
“In my time here this is the first tragedy of its kind, in the last 8 months.”


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