Mayor Nicholls delivers State of the City address

YUMA, Ariz. – Crime, construction and city budget were addressed Wednesday by Mayor Doug Nicholls in the State of the City address at Yuma City Hall.

With the growing problem of meth in the community, Nicholls talked about a new educational program letting schools and businesses know the dangers of meth. 

“The idea of the program is not to create something necessarily new but to utilize the existing programs in the community and see where we need to add more,” said Nicholls after the city council meeting.

Expanding the Yuma Police Department was also talked about. Nicholls says more police officers will be out in the community.

Nicholls says, “The police department is really looking to expand their presence. We have bike patrols that we have not had in a couple of years but we are back on the streets where you get a lot of interaction with the public.”

As for the future of Yuma, Nicholls says there will be a stronger emphasis on economic development in the community. 

“We are going to see the communities working together on issues for attracting jobs whether they are in Yuma, San Luis or Somerton. It doesn’t really matter as long as we bring those jobs into the area, it benefits our region.” Nicholls said.

The mayor admits there is still work to be done but adds the important message tonight was positive things are happening in Yuma. 

“To see growth, to see investment in the community, to see people working together to improve our community and encourage economic development. Those are all great things that will all lead to success as we move forward.” said Nicholls.

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