Mayor Nicholls works to better Yuma’s economy

YUMA, Ariz. – Mayor Doug Nicholls visited Nebraska to build a partnership and better the economy of Yuma County.

Nicholls said, “Nebraska has very interesting connections to Yuma, it’s a very agricultural community. There’s a lot of people who have moved to Arizona from Nebraska and vice versa.”

Currently the city of Yuma’s unemployment rate sits at 12.5 percent. Nicholls hopes we can reduce that number by applying things he learned while in Nebraska.

Nicholls said, “Their unemployment rate is extremely low, so that’s something that we would want to learn from. Maybe we can work together their strength and our slight weakness, we can work together to help everyone improve.

In the time, Nicholls spent in Omaha, Lincoln, Fremont and Hastings, he worked towards recruiting businesses to come to Yuma County.

Nicholls said, “We had discussions we had about maybe some expansions instead of moving a company, expanding a company into Arizona, specifically Yuma so we can help that company grow as well as help our community grow.”

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