MCAS Search and Rescue Unit

Marine Corps Air Station Search and Rescue Unit not only supports the Marine Corps forces, but also the safety of our community.

Captain Wes Urquhart with Marine Corps SAR said, “Our priority number one is to support the Marine Corps and all the training that comes in here and secondary, for the last 57 years we’ve worked with the Sheriff’s department and the local community.”

If someone goes missing or if there is a person in distress, the SAR team is there. Assisting with the local public safety agencies is a big part of what SAR does. They work to rescue people in the river, desert and mountain ranges.

Urquhart said, “Very dark night operations someone may have possibly fallen into a very deep crevasse where the only way to get to them is to repel a corpsman down outside from the helicopter while hovering over that person. Then having to pick the corpsman and the patient back up
through this very narrow terrain and not swing them back into the wall.”

SAR is the only agency that can rescue at night.

Urquhart said, “They have to wait until daylight and the implications are that someone could get really hurt.”

You can see them in action this weekend at the Yuma Air Show simulating a real live rescue and if that’s not enough excitement for you, they will also be giving a demonstration at the night show.

Urquhart said, “Being able to give back to the community has been of the most rewarding part of being in the Marine Corps.”

This is what they are trained to do.

Urquhart said, “We train like we fight and we fight like we train,  when we get a call it’s business as usual.”

Urquhart recalls at the end of the day when they’re back at base relaxing, “We saved that persons life and it does feel good.”

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